NT1D5209-EditI’m Dino Katherine, Dino if we know each other.tumblr_inline_o3bxc1FhpW1shmdd9_500

22, living in Finland.

INTJ, Female.

Studying IT. Aiming for game graphic designing.

I do randomness and I like to talk about deep shit.



I always tend to fall in love with characters that are properly designed and I enter teenage-fangirl mode rather easily. I get these wild crushes over stupid things and it passes when I find another good one. Take Undertale for example. I mainly think of that side of me like fuel for my engine of positiveness. I am quite negative inside so I balance it out with being concious about every little positive thing around me.

There was this one time my boss found a picture of pikachu (that was made by itsbirdy) and
she thought it was just like me so that’s why you can see pikachus everywhere. It just sticked to me.

Anycase, You’re welcome here as long as you’re not here to be a nuisance. I didn’t make this page for such behavior, go to youtube or tumblr if you must dick around the web.

I’ve recently started drawing on Wacom Intuos Pro L and Krita and I’m not quite there yet after drawing on a tablet for years and on paper before that.

I’m really bad at telling about myself. I usually start to rant about myself and then I get to deep stuff and that’s when it gets really awkward. Stop me if I’m ranting too much. It’s all about that social anxiety I guess. Ohh right, I’m cool with people and I’m nice and all that but I just hate going to places with people and having to socialize UNLESS I’m working. I have a separate, outgoing personality for that. I was a bartender before I went to school and I still am on weekends so I have that to thank of my outgoing/customer service personality. It’s like a superpower for introverts that activates when my paycheck starts building up. Heh.

Soo,…. I have a dog. He’s called Diru, though mostly I call him with nicknames (WARNING! FIN-ENG translations!) such as shitface(paskanaama), stinky(haisuli) and my favourite: Fag/Gay Cunt (Homovittu). I just love him to death. Seriously. We like to skateboard and longboard together when I just have the time. Which I don’t. I’m basically always busy and most of the time it’s caused by none other than myself taking on too many tasks. I still manage them though. Not complaining.

Umm.. I don’t think I’m particularly good at anything or anything special but people tend to say otherwise so I’m really just super confused here, dabbling along like “Woman logic? Is Yes is No-No?”


P.S. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP, LET NONE TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU!!! Or GIFs. Stick them everywhere. #nevergrowup

If you wanna follow me elsewhere go to one of these links:Dino Katherine - Avatar


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